Learn Computer Skills

Computer Basics Class

The library offers this free, 3-week course to help people gain knowledge and confidence using a computer or laptop. Class is EVERY Wednesday at 5 p.m. Laptops, a mouse, and a patient, knowledgeable instructor are provided. Come learn with us!

Register for a Computer Basics class here or call 901-872-1585 or stop in the library and a staff member will register you.

Class Description

Attendees will be able to:

  • Identify the parts of computer and other commonly used technology terms (wifi, browser, web domain, etc.).
  • Navigate different locations on laptop screen (Desktop, Documents, the internet).
  • Use a mouse to select, drag, and drop items and access menus.
  • Create, send, navigate, and receive email.
  • Create and save a word document and learn basic formating tools.
  • Create a "To Do" List in Microsoft Office Word.
  • Type and format a business letter in Microsoft Office Word.

To learn the above skills, the attendees should plan on attending weekly class sessions until they feel they have mastered these skills. 

Class Links

  1. Mouse Practice 1
  2. Mouse Practice 2
  3. Mouse Practice 3
  4. More Mouse and Typing Games
  5. Windows Basics GCF.org
  6. How to Create a Gmail Account Video
  7. Learn How to Type with GCF.org
  8. Learn How to Type with Typing Club
  9. Learn How to Type with Learntyping.org
  10. Typing Practice 1
  11. Internet Safety GCF.org

Class Surveys

Survey for Attendees

Other Free Technology Training

Google has some amazing and free technology skills training (applied digital skills) available. All you need to do is create a Gmail account if you don't already have one. Scroll down to find out about 142 free lessons that you can complete on your own. If you need a computer, the library offers free access to our public computers for library cardholders or non-cardholders can get a 2-hour pass for only $1.00. 

Google's Applied Digital Skills

Now anyone can access FREE online technology classes and build new digital skills with Google! Google offers free tools that allow you to create documents, resumes, presentations, and much more, all you need is a FREE gmail account, internet access, and a computer! All courses are 100% FREE, online, and self-paced using videos, hands-on-learning, and step-by-step instructions. See library staff if you need any help. 

Start here to sign up for a Gmail (email) account! Step by step instructions provided!

<<<<click this>>>>

Browse all 142 online lessons HERE!

Learn about starting a new business or improving a current business with the lesson series: Start or Grow Your Small Businessshilloute of woman using phone and taking notes

     Use these lessons for:

  •  market research
  • writing a business plan
  • preparing for financing
  • building an online presence
  • using free digital products to streamline your business

Are you a transitioning service member or veteran? Build new skills for your transition to a civilian career! illustrated blank military dog tags

     Google partnered with Columbia Univerity's Center for Veteran Transition and Integration to build a collection of lessons just for you!

  • Create or improve your resume.
  • Communicate effectively at work.
  • Plan effecitve meetings,
  • Manage a project with digital tools.
  • Connect and collaborate from anywhere with digital tools. 

Looking for a new job? Prepare for and Succeed at Your Next Job!sample blank cv with magnifying glass

     Use these lessons to power your job search and build the digital skills needed to succeed in the workplace.

  • Conduct a successful job search using digital tools.
  • Write a cover letter
  • Learn to use Google Meet to conduct meetings
  • Use Digital Tools for everyday tasks. 
  • Negotiate your salary.
  •  Learn to give and receive written feedback effectively.

Do you have children learning at home? Keep Your Kids Learning at Home!infographic computer study at home

     Try these engaging digital skills lessons to set them up for success in remote learning and beyond.

  • Create a study schedule.
  • Tracking due dates and tasks
  • Time management
  • Note taking
  • Creating flash cards
  • Evaluate credibility of online sources
  • Identifying and ending cyberbulling
  • Creating and safeguarding passwords
  • Understand your digital footprint. 

College ReadinessBlack graduation cap with red tassle

      These lessons will help you plan and prepare for college and other education opportunities.

  • Prepare for the FAFSA.
  • Search for colleges online.
  • Draft an application essay.
  • Organize college applications in Sheets.
  • Ask somone to be a reference.
  • Prepare for a college interview.

Browse all 142 online lessons HERE!